Our Community

The "Growing You" program has been established to create closer working relationships with MG's grower shareholders, attract new talent and develop existing personnel.

Grower Workshops

The main objective of 'Growing You' is to advance the industry knowledge and skills of MG’s growers. The workshops are a tangible example of how we are developing closer working relationships with growers to improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. These workshops will be on-going and tailored separately for the specifics of vegetable and fruit production where appropriate.



Graduate Programme & Sales Academy

The graduate programme was introduced to attract the next generation of skilled employees to MG and encourage a new group of talent into the business.  The sales academy is designed to provide a development opportunity for people internally. We have partnered closely with different educational providers to provide these high-quality programmes.  All will be exposed to a wide range of skills and experiences by working alongside MG staff throughout the business.


Applications for our 2025 Graduate Programme are open later in the year.




Associate Director

The MG Associate Director is designed for those who aspire to director-level roles and have an interest in corporate governance. It allows an Intern Director to gain valuable experience by having a non-voting seat at the Board table for approximately 12 months. This is part of the MG Board’s strategy to broaden the pool of possible Directors, and benefit from a fresh perspective whilst the experience will equip the successful applicant with the practical tools, processes, and insights into the governance of MG.



Māia Health Foundation


MG is proud to be one of ten Founding Business Partners of the Māia Health Foundation, a partnership that allows us to play an integral part in the largest health redevelopment in New Zealand’s history, raising funds for essential projects to help get the right care, at the right time and in the right place. There is a natural synergy between the two organisations as both focus on health and well-being of our communities – Māia from a medical perspective and MG through healthy eating.

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