August 07 2022
MG win 2022 Horticulture NZ Environmental Award

The value of projects and investment that make a real difference was highlighted by Horticulture New Zealand when presenting a 2022 Environmental Award to Market Gardeners Ltd, trading as MG...

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August 01 2022
Te Mata Exports NZ and Australia merge into one

New Zealand based Te Mata Exports 2012 Ltd (Te Mata Exports) today announced plans to join forces with Te Mata Exports Australia Pty Ltd (Te Mata Exports Australia), consolidating the...

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July 07 2022
A fresh new look for MG

In its 99th year, New Zealand’s major grower-owned co-operative is assuming a refreshed logo and identity.

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May 15 2022
Growing a new venture

A growing operation that has successfully established itself in the Hawke’s Bay region over the past five years is Fuller Feijoas.

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