November 19 2023
Are you across the roll out of the Freshwater Farm Plans?

A Freshwater Farm Plan (FWFP) will be required for any farming operation with 20ha or more in arable or pastoral use, 5ha or more in horticultural use, or any combination...

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November 06 2023
Garlico Marlborough Ltd

Brothers Robert Harrison Jones and Alan Jones have been growing garlic their whole lives, following in the footsteps of their dad Peter Jones and his cousin Tony Tripe who originally...

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October 26 2023
2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders | Annual Review

All shareholders are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The meeting will be held at the earlier time of 10.

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October 23 2023
An Early History of Market Gardeners Limited

The rich history of Market Gardeners Limited (MG) can be traced back to 1923 when a small group of visionary growers formed the co-operative.

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