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A fresh new look for MG


In its 99th year, New Zealand’s major grower-owned co-operative is assuming a refreshed logo and identity.

The change marks a significant step, reflecting the evolution of our business and the stronger focus we have on enhancing our business profile.

MASTER MG LOGOWhile the co-operative has always been Market Gardeners Limited, it has traded as MG Marketing (MG) for several decades, reflecting the co-operative at the time.

We have listened to staff, growers and the wider industry in developing the new look. They told us they wanted to make sure our identity remains connected to the past but also celebrate the fact we’re a proud Kiwi co-operative, more clearly link MG to the produce/horticulture sector and better communicate the business we’ve become.

Behind the scenes a large project is also under way to make updates across the business and our stakeholders will see the new brand and logo rolled out over the next six months. In some instances, MG is following a sustainable approach, with certain items updated as needed.

This weekend marks our first milestone with the new logo and brand launched online. Our website address will change to www.mggroup.co.nz and our email address will also be updated (name@mggroup.co.nz). Our IT team has ensured that all emails going to the current address will still arrive.

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